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Reduce slip potential on wet floors and avoid injuries at an affordable price.


We come to the address, we start the treatment on a small portion of your floor, showing you the desired result. When you're satisfied, we'll prepare a quote for you. All free of charge.


You will get a much safer floor with more grip, and therefore, it will be impossible to slip!

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We will perform the treatment on a small portion of your floor,
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Here is what will happen after you schedule an appointment:


After signing up, you will be contacted from our representative and you will choose a specific day and time for an appointment and free demonstration.


After arrival at the customer’s place, we clean the selected tiles from all kinds of dirt.


Then we measure the coefficient of friction with our special machine, according to European standards.


We apply the antislip compound and treat the surface.


The next step is to clean the surface using a water vacuum cleaner, rinsing it with water.

The surface is now non-slip and ready to use.


Finally,  we re-measure the coefficient of friction of the surface with our machine and then release a certificate according to the result.


Your floor is now safe and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your workers or loved ones.

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The inorganic surface activators and polymers contained in the product, due to the chemical conversion reaction, produce permanent microstructures causing an increase in the kinetic friction coefficient.

Our AntiSlip Treatment doesn’t take long to apply, from 30 minutes to 2 hours. so there’s no downtime and no need for your business to close. If you’re a restaurant, for example, we could treat your floors between lunch and dinner hours.

We guarantee our treatment for 3 years. It has a life-time expectation of 10 years.

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