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Frequently Asked Questions About Anti-Slip Treatment

Anti-Slip Treatment

FAQs on Anti-Slip Treatment

Here are some of the most common Anti-Slip FAQs. Anti-slip treatments are treatments that, within hours, make slippery floors non-slip. Some frequently asked questions about Anti-Slip Treatment are as follows:


1. Will the process alter the look of my floor?

No, not at all. Although a change in friction can be felt, it takes place on a microscopic scale. This means that the difference to your flooring will be almost undetectable, and your flooring will retain its original appearance.

2. What surfaces are the treatments suitable for?

Granite, marble, and polished concrete top the list of our specialties. If you’re unsure whether your flooring is suitable, give us a call, and we’ll go over your options.

3. What is the expected lifespan of non-slip floor treatment?

Your tiles will retain their grip for a lifetime if properly maintained and cleaned regularly. There is nothing to ‘wear off’ because the process is not a coating.

4. In what way can I keep my floors clean the most effectively?

For best results, use a pH-neutral cleaner; do not use regular detergent, as it can leave a slippery film when dry. Oily areas should be cleaned daily.

5. Is there a need for specialized maintenance?

Many floors do not require any special treatment to keep them slip-resistant. Commercial kitchens, for example, necessitate the use of products that eliminate grease and prevent buildup, which could reduce slip resistance.

6. Will my insurance premiums be affected if I use anti-slip treatments or coatings on my floors?

We propose that you speak with your insurance agent about how our anti-slip treatments and coatings can help you save money on liability insurance.

7. Why should I think about using an anti-slip treatment on my wet floors?

Employees tripping on slick surfaces are said to be responsible for 85 percent of worker’s compensation claims (Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets 5th edition). Each year, slip-and-fall incidents are the main cause of emergency room visits and all unintentional deaths in homes. With our wide choice of products for practically all sorts of surfaces, we can assist prevent these slips and falls.

8. Where could anti-slip therapies be used to their full potential?

This system is used in shopping malls, mechanical shops, airports, aircraft hangers, hospitals, schools, nursing and rest homes, retirement villages, industrial workplaces, public areas, restaurants, cafes, hotels, apartment blocks, office blocks, and residential areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, shower bases, bathtubs, laundry rooms, garages, pool & spa surrounds. This technique can be utilized almost anyplace there is a risk of slipping on a mineral-based surface.

9. Will the application procedure cause significant interruption and delays in the usage of walkways or places being treated as a result of the process?

There is minimal disturbance because it takes little time to apply, and it can still be used even though it is advised to avoid the region throughout the treatment procedure. There is no trash, noise, or harsh odors.

10. When it's wet, does the anti-slip treatment work?

Of course. The surface is significantly more slip-resistant when wet than when dry following the treatment.

11. What makes our Anti-Slip Treatment unique?

We offer a free demonstration and free quotation for the treatment. We give importance to customer safety, so we will make sure that you are entirely safe from unexpected slips and trips after the treatment.

Why put it off any longer? Get a free demonstration at your location by contacting us today. We will make sure that your floors are slip-resistant, whether they are in the bathroom, kitchen, stairs, pools, or garage ramps. We also promise a 200 percent reduction in slippage. Give us a call right now to schedule your appointments.

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