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Anti-Slip Treatment



Top 5 Reasons Why Your Flooring Needs Anti-Slip Treatment?

Anti-slip treatment is a cost-effective method that helps reduce the slippage of the floors and increases the slip resistance of almost every kind of floor. A slip and fall incident can be fatal, yet wet floor signs and verbal warnings aren’t always enough. Accidents can happen everywhere, whether at home or work, and are especially common when children, the disabled, or the elderly are involved. You need to do everything you could to protect the safety of the people in your environment. You’ll also be able to remove the fear of accidents from your mind. If this appeals to you, consider the advantages of exploring anti-slip floor treatments

Anti-Slip Treatment

1.Decreases the number of accidents

As you might assume, an anti-slip floor is designed to provide a non-slip surface by providing positive traction. You will be able to walk on the floor without fear of tripping over your own feet if your flooring is treated this way. This therapy isn’t just for your safety; it’s also for the safety and happiness of your employees, visitors, and loved ones.


2. It Makes you more productive

If you ever had slips & trips problems in the past, whether you or someone else in your house or business, you may spend so much time worrying about it occurring again that you don’t get things done. With the assurance of being in a safer environment, work and play may resume without fear, and overall productivity rises.

3. It helps you save money

A slip-and-fall accident can cost your firm a lot of money in lawsuits and have a severe impact on your reputation. If you’re a homeowner, a slip-and-fall event in your home might result in a slew of medical expenditures related to the victim’s injuries. Non-slip floors drastically minimize the possibilities of an accident, saving you a lot of money that you may otherwise lose due to recurrent mishaps on slick floors.

A non-slip floor will also help you with OHS rules and other floor safety regulations and standards if you’re a business owner. Your company’s reputation will be enhanced if you demonstrate compliance with floor safety laws. Any accident that occurs within it, on the other hand, will harm your organization in some way.

4. Simple Application

Anti-slip flooring treatments can be used almost anyplace on almost any type of floor. This treatment is very beneficial in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other locations subject to spills and water. Staircases, driveways, patios, and even direct pathways can all benefit from a non-slip solution.

The method of installation is also relatively rapid and painless. The flow of your activities won’t be disrupted when the anti-slip treatment is applied, and you won’t have to wait for the layer to dry before walking on it in most circumstances.

Installing anti-slip floors also means you’ll have safer floors without sacrificing the look of your chosen flooring. Tile, terrazzo, stone, concrete, and even brick can all benefit from a non-slip treatment. The treatment can be applied to both new and old floors and preserve their glossy appearance for years. It doesn’t really matter how many people walk on it in the long run.

5. It's Simple to Clean

A laminating coating is used to apply an anti-slip treatment to a floor. As a result, your floor will be easier to clean. The anti-slip treatment is stain-resistant, non-absorbent, and non-sticky. Any spills or crumbs may be swept up or cleaned up quickly to keep the floor appearing spotless. The shiny appearance lasts an extended period. This offers your flooring a clean and professional appearance.The effectiveness and clean appearance of the floor will often endure between two and five years. Additional surface maintenance can help to extend the life of the non-slip coating.

6. Anti-static

There is a considerable risk of electrostatic charge if you operate in a computer, server room, or chemical processing area in a factory. Anti-slip flooring can help to mitigate the risk of an explosion. It works by dissipating the charge generated by a person’s shoe soles to the electric ground. It prohibits the production of an electrostatic field and the transfer of electrostatic charge.

7. Healthy and sanitary

The non-slip flooring is stain-resistant and more hygienic than any other flooring due to the laminated layer on top of the coating. You may quickly wipe it clean if something falls on it and it becomes dirty. The advantage of a laminated layer is that it makes the floor non-absorbent and non-sticky. As a result, it is both healthy and hygienic.

8. Adaptable to practically any work environment

Non-slip floor solutions can be used in practically any work environment. Non-slip coatings and tiles are the ideal choices for any floor, whether it’s your workplace, house, entrance, manufacturing base, walking paths, stairs, canteen, restaurants, workshop, kitchen, club, bathroom, car park, or changing room. You may even construct anti-slip stairs within your pool. Non-slip floor solutions are available for various surfaces, including tile, wood, concrete, vinyl, sealed flooring, metallic, and acrylic.

Whether your floor is dry or greasy by nature. Treatment to improve the grip on your floor will improve your safety as well as the appearance of your floor. If an anti-slip floor treatment appeals to you, KIBITEC LTD provides anti-slip treatment services and more. To learn more, please contact us immediately.

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