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Case Study Microcement Apartment Il-fgura

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Our Project: Microcement Apartment

Contemporary and sophisticated finish with KIBITEC. Our project at Il-Fgura embodies our commitment to transforming spaces into elegant sanctuaries. Join us as we guide you step-by-step through the process of giving a modern touch to two bathrooms and one wall in an apartment.

The process with the client began with a comprehensive design phase. Understanding the client’s desire for a modern aesthetic, we conceptualized the use of microcement to create a sleek, seamless finish. For the bathrooms, the vision included microcement on the walls and carefully selected tiles for the floors. In the apartment, the goal was to transform a painted wall into a gleaming microcement masterpiece.

Microcement Bathroom 1 | Before

Bathroom – Screed, Plastering and Tiles

Application of Microcement:

The grand finale of the project involved the application of microcement. This transformative material, known for its adaptability and modern appeal, was applied with care and precision. Our expert craftsmen ensured that the microcement perfectly covered each surface, creating a cohesive and elegant finish that elevated the entire staircase to a new level of sophistication.

At KIBITEC we not only create stairs; We create experiences. The Santa Venera Microcement Stair Project reflects our commitment to excellence, from collaborative design to precision projection and artisanal stability. If you imagine a staircase that transcends the ordinary, welcome to KIBITEC, where each step is a masterpiece.

Microcement Bathroom 1 | Final Look

Microcement Bathroom 2 | Final Look

Microcement Wall | Before

Microcement Wall | During

Microcement Wall | Final Look


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