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Construction and Finishes

Benefit of a complete one-stop solution, from Structural work to Joinery and Carpentry, Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering as well as Decorating and Finishing.



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From Concept to Creation - All our projects

We effectively perform intervention in the following sectors:

Demolition and Excavation

Our central location in the heart of Malta means we are well placed to respond quickly, economically, and efficiently nationwide.

We ensure that all demolition projects undertaken are managed to the highest standards, and in which we comply with all legal legislation and requirements.

Prior to any works commencing, careful planning and full intrusive surveys are carried out to ensure safety, timescales, environmental, and any restrictions are resolved in the best possible manner.

Electrical and Plumbing Systems

As professional contractors, we are fully licensed and qualified to carry out electrical installations in accordance with the Electricity Supply Regulations to ensure a safe handover and reliable end product to the customer.

With our broad experience within this sector, we have the knowledge to carry out electrical installations with today’s modern applications involving Automation Systems, Intelligent Lighting, Airconditioning, and Building management systems.

We emphasize reliability and safety, and this is why we utilize warranted Electrical Engineers to carry out technical analysis on our projects and certify our installations.

 As licensed and qualified contractors, we carry out electrical, plumbing, and drain installations in accordance with Standard Regulations to ensure a safe handover and reliable end-product to our customers.

Gypsum works and Dry-wall

Our main services include flat ceilings, bulkheads, partitions, and anything you might want to create!

We have vast experience in this sector, and we will also help you with your project requirements, giving a meaningful and personal touch to each of your rooms.

But what is a gypsum board without the appropriate light?

We make sure that all our lights are CE certified, varying from high lumens LEDs to energy saving bulbs to halogen.

We can also provide a photorealistic 3D graphic representation in order to effectively recreate every environment before building it!

Structural Alterations

Many people in Malta enjoy renovating and altering their existing properties in order to better suit their needs without having to endure the stress and financial complications of demolish and rebuild.

However, renovation usually requires some structural alterations so, the structure of the building isn’t compromised in the process.

From small alterations, such as adding a door or window, to larger projects such as extensions or changes to a room’s function, which change the entire layout of the property, we are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the construction industry, thanks to which we can perform these kinds of alteration in total safety.

Highly trained and backed by many positive customer testimonials, our team always follow Building Regulations and Health and Safety rules.

Painting and Plastering

As easy as it may sound, a paint job can turn out to be one of the messiest jobs in finishes.

We make sure that all the preparation works are done properly before the paint job begins, covering all items that are not meant for paint, such as switches, skirting, apertures, etc, in order to leave a clean site.


The screed’s primary purpose is to give a smooth and level floor to lay your chosen floor finish. The thickness of the screed allows it to take up normal variations in flatness and levelness of the base on which it is laid.

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To contact Kibitec about your building project, please either call us on +356 7777 1522 or complete the email form below.

Kibitec operates in the field of:

New buildings

We have been operating in the building construction sector with seriousness and precision for many years now. We have always distinguished ourselves for reliability and deep knowledge of the most innovative building solutions.

The attention to detail and the search for cutting-edge materials; are the main point for our customer satisfaction. 



We carry out interior and exterior “turnkey” renovations of apartments, houses, villas, and commercial premises; with punctuality and precision to minimize any inconvenience.
We deal with the recovery of attics, wooden roofs, waterproofing, and thermal-acoustic insulation, and structural alterations, among the various services.
We assist you during the decision-making process with suggestions and ideas and draft the documentation for permits when needed.


To contact Kibitec about yoor project, please complete the email form below.

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