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What makes a good Building?


A good building is predicated on the individual’s perspective and information and awareness of how people interact with structures. This engagement takes place on a variety of levels and is mutual. We have an impact on buildings, and buildings affect us. If a building is to be considered good, it must cater to a wide range of interests over time rather than satisfy a small number of people.

The following are the basic requirements for a good structure.

1. GOOD BUILDING | Strength, and Stability

A building should be capable of securely transferring the expected loads to the ground during its life. Various structural components, such as slabs, beams, walls, columns, and footings, should be designed to assure safety. There should be no buckling, overturning, or collapse of any of the structural components.

2. GOOD BUILDING | Stability in Dimensions

Excessive deformation of structural components creates a feeling of vulnerability and leads to cracks in walls, floors, and other surfaces. All structural elements should be designed so that deflections do not exceed the codes’ allowable limits.

3. GOOD BUILDING | Dampness Resistance

Dampness in a building is a significant annoyance and can shorten the life of the structure. To avoid dampness, great attention should be made to the planning and construction of the building.

4. GOOD BUILDING | Fire Resistance

The following are the basic standards outlined in the codes for obtaining fire resistance:

(a) The construction should be difficult to ignite.

(b) Buildings should be oriented in such a way that fire spreads slowly.

(c) In the event of a fire, there should be convenient access to evacuate the structure immediately.

5. GOOD BUILDING | Heat Insulation

A building should be positioned and structured in such a way that the interior is kept cool.Insulation functions as a heat barrier, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Year-round comfort is provided by a well-insulated and well-designed house, reducing cooling and heating expenditures by up to half. As a result, carbon emissions are reduced.

6. GOOD BUILDING | Noise Insulation

The reduction in sound over a partition is referred to as sound insulation. A typical sound insulation rating for an excellent conventional, lightweight office to office structure is 45 dB Dw.Buildings should be designed to withstand both external and inside noises.

7. GOOD BUILDING | Termite Protection

Termites should be kept out of buildings. If you skip pre-construction anti-termite treatment to save a few dollars in the short term, you may find yourself facing a slew of difficulties in the future. Termite treatment before construction usually entails fewer processes than termite treatment after construction. Because treating termites while building a house needs fewer processes, it frequently necessitates less labor and equipment.This makes the process far less expensive than post-construction termite treatment, which is more complicated due to the several steps involved.  Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is preferable because it is more cost-effective.

8. GOOD BUILDING | Durability

The building’s components should all be able to withstand the environment.A long-lasting building allows the environmental and economic costs of construction to be amortized over time.

9. GOOD BUILDING | Security

The owner of the building expects security against burglary as a basic need.Security threats are less likely to occur in a secure building. You can avoid common hazards like robbery and property damage by implementing security protocols.

10. GOOD BUILDING | Lighting, and Ventilation

Natural light and ventilation are essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Inside the building, diffused light and excellent cross ventilation should be accessible.The natural ventilator is self-sustaining, does not require maintenance, and does not consume electricity.


11. GOOD BUILDING | Comfort, and Convenience

Different parts in the building should be properly grouped and integrated, with the user’s comfort and convenience in mind.

12. GOOD BUILDING | Cost - Effectiveness

Another critical necessity of the structure is cost-effectiveness without losing comfort, convenience, or durability.

These are some of the factors that contribute to a good building. We at Kibitec Ltd consider all these factors and many more before and after construction. Feel free to contact us.

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