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Is Screed better than Cement?

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Is Screed better than Cement? It is a common question that drives most of us crazy when we start a project. But What separates concrete from Screed, the two materials frequently used in construction? Let’s find out!

Cement, water, aggregates, and occasionally admixtures are the main ingredients in concrete. Usually, it serves structural functions like foundations, floors, walls, and beams.

Screed, on the contrary, is a cement and aggregate mixture thinner and free of water. It is widely used between the subfloor and the floor finish as a levelling layer.

The fundamental distinction between Screed and concrete is strength; Screed is smoother and weaker and frequently used as a top layer finish. Concrete achieves a very high strength. We’ll compare Screed and concrete based on their respective compositions, looks, textures, uses, and application techniques to make it easier for you to tell them apart.

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Is Screed better than Cement? What is the difference between Screed and concrete?

Composition of Cement, Screed

Cement, water, and aggregate are the main ingredients in both floor screed and concrete. The aggregate used is the critical distinction between these two.

Hardcore materials, such as gravel, are added to the concrete mixture when we mix the material. Typically, these little stones have a diameter of 20 mm or less. This feature makes it excellent for structural work by supplying strength, durability, and workability. A coarser mixture is produced as a result.

For Screed, we don’t use the same coarse aggregate – instead, screeds are sand and cement mixtures. We use refined, sharp sand mixed in with the Cement with a maximum grain size of about 4mm. It is what provides its fine, tightly packed texture and makes it suitable for applying as a top finishing layer to a concrete floor.
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Is Screed better than Cement in appearance and texture?

It may not be easy to distinguish between Screed and concrete at first glance because they appear similar. When you know what to look for, differentiation is much simpler, though, and sometimes it is easier to make this determination when the components are still in liquid form. Concrete will have larger aggregates, some of which can exceed a diameter of 20 mm and a rougher texture. Screed has a much smoother appearance and comprises aggregate bits typically 4 to 5 mm in size.

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Is Screed better than Cement: Uses of screed

Due to its tremendous strength, concrete is frequently used in the construction sector to construct walls, floors, building structures, landscaping surfaces, and various other construction elements. The most desirable quality of Screed is its smooth, visually beautiful surface, which makes it perfect for finishing interior floors and may be applied over concrete. These two materials perform well together because they incorporate strength and gloss.

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Is Screed better than Cement: Method of application

Screed is laid quickly and uniformly with a trowel and requires very little ability to accomplish a task because of its fine quality devoid of aggregates. Contrarily, concrete’s coarse structure needs specialised equipment for mixing and applying, and it almost always requires a competent worker to finish a project with complete safety, efficacy, and quality.

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