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long-lasting waterproof membrane

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You should consider choosing high-quality products if you want a long-lasting waterproof membrane. Quality waterproofing systems are expected to last at least a decade. However, how a long-lasting waterproof membrane lasts depends mainly on the type of waterproofing materials used and the craft of the waterproofing contractor.

According to statistics, poor waterproofing is one of the most common construction flaws. They are frequently used as justification in insurance claims for structural damage. You must be aware of the quality of your waterproofing system.


This article covers the types of long-lasting waterproof membranes, waterproofing systems, and crafts you should look to enjoy for ten years or more.


Long-lasting Waterproof Membrane image 1

What is a Long-Lasting Waterproof Membrane | Waterproofing System?

We must first understand waterproofing to discuss the various elements that affect a building’s waterproofing system’s effectiveness. Technically, waterproof material does not allow any moisture or contaminants to pass through. So, this is different from “water resistant”, which only restricts moisture movement.

A waterproofing system is mainly applied to wet areas or weather-exposed surfaces of your building to ensure that no water particles penetrate or escape through the surface. This generally refers to your roof and bathroom.

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What Makes Applying a Long-Lasting Waterproof Membrane Necessary In Structures?

As mentioned earlier, water has been cited as the greatest threat to a building’s integrity. But how exactly does this happen? Water can pose a hazard in the following ways when it moves unobserved for a long time:


  • The excessively wet and gloomy environment produced by moisture accumulating behind your building’s walls is where mould and mildew begin to grow. Mould and mildew send spores into the air that can harm people’s health.


  • Structural timers that are rotting because of mould and decay. One major structural component, such as bearers and beams, has been compromised, and the structural integrity of the building is placed in jeopardy.


  • Rusty pipes result from plumbing corrosion caused by the oxidation of some metals in water. This thus makes it easier for more water leaks to occur.


  • Electrical fires may occur if water contacts your electrical appliances, power sockets or wiring.



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How Workmanship Affects the Durability of the long-lasting Waterproof Membrane

Different waterproofing methods may need to be used, depending on the area. For instance, a bathroom shower regularly experiences a high level of wetness, whereas a roof needs to survive a significant downpour. It is challenging to generalize practical craft due to the variety of water penetration scenarios.


Nonetheless, waterproofing in all these areas follows a few simple principles that must be adhered to.


Long-Lasting Waterproof Membrane | Protrusions & Joints are the Weakest Points

Protrusions, which are the intersections of horizontal and vertical surfaces, are all these areas’ weakest points. Natural gaps result from the fragmentation of unique material surfaces at these locations. Sealants are frequently used to close these spaces, although they are porous and susceptible to moisture intrusion.

As such, more care needs to be paid to places such as:

  • The spot where the wall and floor of your shower meet
  • Vent-like protrusions from the roofs
  • the areas of your ceiling where the pipes are located



Long-Lasting Waterproof Membrane | Fall Design & Good Drainage

Secondly, no matter how strong a long-lasting waterproof membrane is, it cannot withstand heavy pressure from the water. The fall design is critical to the success of your waterproofing system. Pathways that direct water away from surfaces and drainage sites are called “fall design.” With proper fall design, water flows naturally down the intended course with little water fleeing it.

Where poor craft is involved in fall design, it will not guide water away efficiently. The extra amount of time and volume a surface is in contact with water could compromise it in the long run.


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Getting a Long-lasting Waterproof Membrane

Good craft coupled with solid strategic choices over the combination of waterproofing materials is the key to a long-lasting waterproof membrane and durable waterproofing systems.

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