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What is Microcement?

What is Microcement?

Microcement is simply a mixture of cement and water-based resins which can be used on various surfaces such as walls, floors, pools, furniture, etc., for an aesthetic look. Microcement is known by the names micro-screed, micro-concrete, or micro-topping. Microcement has a strong polymer bonding power that can be applied to almost every place, including existing concrete floors, walls, plasterboards, tiles, etc. Microcement is a mixture made from the essential components of concrete. Microcement is a mixture that provides excellent mechanical resistance along with appealing aesthetic looks. With microcement, you can provide a modern and fashionable look to your place within a short time frame.

The application of microcement is usually made by hand, so there is no need for joints. Microcement allows you to get a perfectly stunning look, and it is effortless to maintain compared to tiles and granites.

The customization option for microcement is also huge, with a wide range of colors, tones, and finishes. The main attraction of microcement is that it is highly hygienic because microcement is easy to clean, it’s also free from stain and mold.

kibitec microcement

Based on its preparation, microcement also shows anti-slip properties, which makes the surface safe. Thus it is very evident that microcement is the best option for any environment.

What is Microcement | Benefits of Microcement

1. Applicable to almost every surface

 The application of microcement can be performed on any surface, whether it be walls or floor, microcement is a go-to. The strength of the surface applied increases immediately after the application. Microcement can also be used in both horizontal and vertical surfaces and interiors and exteriors.

2. High Adhesive Property

Microcement exhibits high adhesive properties; microcement can be applied safely over any surface that shows resistance to other materials. Microcement can be easily applied to the existing tiles or other surfaces; thus, it also helps speed up the renovation process and less debris of the current lining.

3. Wide Range of Customisation Options

Microcement always allows the customers to know what they are precisely getting before the application. The customers will have a clear-cut idea about the color, tone, and finish before the application process, so there is always an option for change before application.

4.  Flexibility of Microcement

Microcement contains many additives and resists that helps to improve flexibility, which aids in avoiding cracks, thus making microcement a durable, hardwearing, and long-lasting material. Since microcement has very low permeability, it can also be used in exterior environments, kitchens, and bathrooms.

What is Microcement | Why use Microcement?

There are some reasons why people prefer microcement over traditional ways of flooring or renovation. When compared to concrete, microcement is significantly lighter. This property of microcement allows it a vital option where minimization of the structural weight of the floor is required. Even though microcement is applied at 3-4mm, it has high strength and resistance. Thus it is suitable to use microcement even in high traffic environments. There is only less water usage for microcement than concrete, and also, there is no need for plumbing.

What is Microcement | Where to use Microcement ?

Microcement can be applied to almost every surface; it can create a seamless floor in residential and commercial areas. Microcement can be used in kitchens, living and dining areas, bathrooms, wet rooms, balconies, garden pathways, pools, and fireplace surrounds, and almost everywhere in your residential place. As in the case of commercial areas, microcement can be applied to entries and reception areas, workspaces, showrooms, lift lobbies, furniture pieces, etc., 

Due to its water-resistant property, it is the best option for kitchens, bathrooms, and swimming pools for extra safety.


What is Microcement | Price for Microcement Application?

 The price of microcement application depends on several factors, as the product is hand-trowelled on-site. Some of the elements are 


 a) Application Area


 b) Size of the Area


 c) Amount of labor required


 d) Amount of product used


 e) Preparation of Area


 f) Existing substrate


  g) Intricacy



What is Microcement |Color Options for Microcement?

The wide range of color options of microcement includes the following

What is Microcement |Looks After Microcement Application?

You can see the different projects and the stunning look that microcement has given to these places immediately after application.

Microcement FAQs

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