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Oxyrust and Oxyzinc

An extraordinary line of decorative painting, able to recreate the effect of highly prized materials in architecture and in contemporary design such as corten steel and galvanized steel.


Oxyrust is the rust effect paint that allows making wonderful vertical surfaces identical in appearance to rusted panels of corten steel.


Oxyzinc is the decorative painting that allows making walls similar in esthetic and visual effects to galvanized steel panels.

Corten Effect, on every surface.

✓ Save up to 60% compared to Corten steel

✓ Applicable on any surface

✓ Refined and researched Design Effect


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Remodel furniture, walls, interior and exterior, with our rust-effect treatment

Product Features


The advantage of using corten effect paint and zinc effect paint in place of the traditional corten steel or galvanized steel plates is the significant savings on the cost of the material and installation.

The times of execution of a wall with corten effect or zinc effect paint are much faster, and some problems are avoided, such as unattractive streaks that characterize corten steel plates exposed to atmospheric agents. 


Fields of application of Corten and Zinc effect

These products can be applied on any surface: you can utilize it to give a sophisticated touch to the walls, to modernize your kitchen, in the furnishing finishes, and can also be used outdoors, because it is entirely waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents.

Rust effect and zinc effect paint are applied on vertical surfaces of drywall, masonry, metal, wood and plastic, in public facilities, private residences, lofts, public sites, shops, showrooms, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, hotels, shopping centers, and exposition and trade show pavilions. 


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