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how to screed a floor

How to screed a floor: Applying a screed layer is a common task on floors for work or household projects. You should have all the essential training and tools to perform the task yourself. It is easier to complete to screed a floor with prior expertise. Before starting to screed a floor, it is essential to be prepared. A poorly screeded floor can quickly become damaged later on, even to the point of splitting.

We at Kibitec have years of expertise in installing top-notch, long-lasting screed floors for clients in Malta. Kibitec understands the screeding process and can rapidly and effectively explain it to our clients. Please get in contact with us immediately to screed your floor.

How to Prepare a Floor for Screeding

The details can alter depending on the kind of screed chosen and the size of the site to use it. The details include the time to screed a floor curing, the thickness to be poured, and the cost to screed a floor.

As a result, it’s crucial to plan before you start to screed a floor. Before beginning the project:

  • Measure the area you wish to screed.
  • Reinforce the layer it will sit on before using an unbonded screed; if your screed is bonded, expose the aggregate and add a bonding agent.
  • Clear any dust and debris, and the site must be watertight.

For an unbonded screed, you need to mix the screed for a concrete floor. You can add Polypropylene fibres and water to the mixture to lessen the chance of developing cracks on the floor.

Don’t worry about how to screed a floor and the tiresome work if you employ Kibtec to complete your floor screeding in Malta because we explain what your project will need before starting the job.

How to Screed a Floor, Step by Step

The process of how to screed a floor is listed below:

1. Divide up Your Floor Area

The process of how to screed a floor is listed below:

2. Apply a Layer of Screed

With a trowel, spread out a layer of the screed mixture on the area furthest from the room’s entry, compacting it with a screed board or straightedge. To finish the area, use a tamper to smooth off the edges. Poor compaction is one of the most frequent issues. Consider hiring a professional provider to guarantee a quality job.

3. Levelling a Floor With Screed

When you screed a floor using a sand and cement screed, which is not self-levelling, you need to use a straightedge to level it. Move it side to side by tilting it, so the corner acts as a cutting edge to saw through the material applied. The screed layer will level.

If your screed is self-levelling, it will already contain an agent that will react when it is poured, forcing it to compress on its own. This type of screed is called a flowing screed or liquid screed. The screed is fully cured, and the level will be smooth.

4. Repeat the Process

Screed a floor continuously until all of the areas are filled. After completion, take out the dividers and fill in the spaces. Continue till you’ve screeded the entire floor.

5. Float Your Screed

When the new screed floor layer is installed, and again when the concrete has sufficiently bled, you can fix some flaws.

6. Cure Your Screed

The time to screed a floor will partially depend on the area screeded and the screed type. If left undisturbed, an average time of seven days is needed for the screed to cure. Curing a screed may be longer if the temperature is low in 24 hours.

7. Let the Floor Dry

The floor will still require at least three weeks to be in proper condition after it has been cured. Keep it clear of additional flooring installation and avoid unwanted traffic until all installations are finished.
A screed floor should typically dry at a pace of 1 mm daily.

How Much Does it Cost to Screed a Floor?

How much it costs to screed a floor depends on the quality and price of the screed. The area and depth of the floor to which it is applied is also a factor. As the factors vary, it can be challenging to provide an exact price.
Visit our website and contact us to get a free quote on your project.

Lack of proper skills to screed a floor can cost you time and money. If the procedure is flawed, the installation may be delayed, and you may spend money out of your budget trying to rectify it.
You are strongly advised to contact a professional screed service provider in Malta to avoid this and guarantee a durable floor.


If you have more questions about how to screed a floor, call us today, and we can discuss your property’s features before placing your order.

Visit our website and contact us to get a free quote on your project.

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