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hiring turnkey contractor in malta

A turnkey contractor offers project delivery from start to finish and continues into the start of processes. This method differs from conventional design-bid-build delivery, which takes much of the responsibility on the property owner. Working with a single source partner in turnkey construction in Malta has several advantages, and project owners may easily see the appeal.

Cost Friendly

Time is money. Saving time having a single turnkey contractor handle the entire process saves money. In most cases, the turnkey contractor you hired will be more likely to offer a more reasonable deal than you would find hiring different contractors.

 The turnkey contractor offers you the benefit of understanding the cost at the onset of the job. You may not know the cost of other works related to the project until you’ve finished the project. By understanding the expense upfront, you reduce the risk of the work exceeding the fixed price.

Condensed Project Timelines

Progressing the project on schedule is critical for successful delivery. During the entire lifecycle of a project, the turnkey project may be delayed for several reasons, such as poor communication between the workforce, selection of subcontractors, or even construction materials shipping delays. Choosing a turnkey contractor can eliminate many of these issues because there will be only a single point of contact. Poor communication between teams can be resolved when only one company is involved in the project—allowing the property owner and the turnkey contractor to perform together as a cohesive unit.

Improved Communication

Communication is vital for keeping a project on track. Trying to contact multiple companies to ensure everyone is on the same page can be daunting. Even more daunting is ensuring all those companies communicate with each other promptly without costly delays. If a particular project is inclined to change, you could spend some time just trying to get everyone updated.

 However, with a turnkey contractor, you can save time and prevent any particularly costly communication errors by having a single point of contact.

Consistent Quality

There will frequently be some variation in the quality of a project when many organizations handle various portions of it. Inevitably one part of the project will fall short compared to the others. When one company handles all parts of project management, you will find a more consistent quality throughout all steps, from design to construction and installation. A turnkey contractor can set the desired standards and maintain the top levels of quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Design & Manufacturing Cohesion

From design to manufacturing, one company oversees all details. This means changes can be done quickly and efficiently without forcing you to contact two different parties, so they’re both on the same track. With turnkey projects, the manufacturing teams are often much more guaranteed to have experience with mid-project shifts, so they can adjust to needs without any significant delays or complications. In a build-bid-buy system, you’ll often find problems ensuring both teams are on the same page, let alone that the manufacturing team can successfully adjust to the new plans.

Peace of Mind

Completing a project can be stressful when you’re in charge of managing every detail. Being able to hand that responsibility over and know that you’ll be able to have the project you want saves you money and lightens the stress placed on you. All aspects of the project are handed off to a trusted turnkey company, and you must wait for your building to be finished. If there needs to change or you find problems with something, then there’s only one company to call and communicate with.

Kibitec - Turnkey Contractor Malta

At Kibitec, our experts are ready to meet any construction requirements you may have, mainly turnkey services in Malta. 

turnkey contractor in Malta
Learn more about Kibitec, one of the best turnkey contractors in Malta! Kibitec focuses on commercial and industrial construction. We pride ourselves on having the in-house capabilities for almost every step of a construction project you’d need, with the work ethic to provide service professionally and attentively.

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