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First, turnkey vs design and build goes beyond only building projects. The same guidelines also apply to fit-out and maintenance initiatives. You can start the process at two separate places. The more conventional method is collaborating with an architect to design it and employing a construction business to build it.

However, customization has recently taken over as the popular style. I think it is natural for project owners to demand more control over their initiatives. A building structure that satisfies a company’s operating requirements must come first. Due to this desire for efficiency, turnkey and design-build construction have become more popular.

What’s the contrast between the two solutions – turnkey vs design and build? Moreover, does it matter? Knowing the distinction between the two options is essential if your company plans a new building project. Both approaches give the project owner total control but do it in multiple ways.

Turnkey vs Design and Build: What is DESIGN and BUILD?

The name is the clue in this solution. The same contractor handles your project’s design and construction phases. The project owners will continue to control the process, giving the contractors instructions on the what, when, and how. This option is the best fit if total control over a forthcoming construction project is necessary. However, there are downsides to design-build. These tasks usually go over budget. Without sufficient care and attention, they frequently go above the initial budget. This option has a lot to consider, mainly if the project owner is still getting familiar with construction methods.

Turnkey vs Design and Build: What is a TURNKEY PROJECT

With a small exception, turnkey projects give project owners nearly identical control to the design-build approach. In a turnkey project, project management is handled by the contractor. They will decide on budget allocation and timelines. This method can also safeguard you from mishaps and challenges; project management duties frequently cover this. Even though it may seem like you are ceding control, giving up project management is frequently the wisest course of action. The stress of not managing a pricey building project is worth the additional expense.

With an experienced contractor in charge, your project will likely be completed on schedule, within budget, and finished to meet operational standards.

Turnkey vs Design and Build: Benefits of Buying a Turnkey Construction Project Home

The mortgage application process for a turnkey construction project would be the same as buying an existing property. However, you often will be able to close once the new home’s construction is finished in total (some exceptions may apply). Lenders will require an appraiser’s completion certificate. The appraiser certifies that all work has been completed according to the construction agreement’s specifications.

Lenders often need a copy of the occupancy certificate or permit as well. The occupancy certificate confirms that a property inspection found it secure, livable, and suitable for usage. 

Make sure you account for the upfront expenses of purchasing versus building. Turnkey building projects are generally safer than other new construction techniques. Since the entire project is being contracted upfront from the beginning, there should be very few changes to the overall budget. It should also take a home’s possible ongoing maintenance expenses into account. More recent residences ought to require less care than older ones.


There is only preference in this case; there is no correct or incorrect answer. It all comes down to how much control you, the project owner, require or desire. Design-build is best if you like controlling contractors, finances, and schedules. However, choose turnkey if you are content to make executive choices and delegate day-to-day management to your construction partner.


Now that you know the distinction and details of turnkey vs design and build. I recommend you get professional help from experienced contractors like Kibitec for your dream project.

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