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What Is a Turnkey Home Build

turnkey home build malta

A turnkey home build is the type of construction offered as a finished product to the client or house owner without extra effort from the house owner. You can “turn the key” to your new home and move in. The builder will complete the house without the owner having to do any heavy lifting. So, when the move-in day arrives, all the house owner requires to do is turn the key.

A Turnkey Home Build

The turnkey home build process begins by discussing with the turnkey contractor to confirm the specifications for your dream home. Once the agreement is signed, the contractor is responsible for coordinating and managing the entire construction process, from unearthing to final assessments. The contractor must complete the project schedule, budget allocation, and management duties. Even though the home isn’t complete, you’ll buy a finished product when you sign the contract.

Building On Your Land Without Turnkey Home Build Service

Per industry norms, your land construction doesn’t possess some of the most taxing elements of the building, including location development and site preparation, as part of the agreement. At Kibitec, we believe in offering a complete home package to our clients. That’s why we enclose all phases of the construction process as part of our commitments. If a contractor doesn’t offer a complete turnkey construction service, you’ll need to determine if managing your site prep is something you are ready to venture. You will need to bid, plan, and oversee subcontractors during that home construction phase.


House owners have busy schedules and households to manage, so it’s vital that building a new home doesn’t monopolise their time and pull them away from the essential things in their lives. The advantages of building with a turnkey home builder include minor involvement from the house owner during construction.

At Kibitec, we’re a turnkey home builder that functions with our customers from choosing their house plan to move-in day. We dismiss the stress of heavy equity and let our clients genuinely enjoy the turnkey home build experience. Here are a few of the things we bear in our complete turnkey home build construction in Malta package:

  • Designing and budget of the house
  • Document submissions for the permit
  • Backfilling and excavation
  • Trenching for utilities
  • Temporary connections to water and electricity
  • Exterior modelling, painting
  • Exterior concrete (ask for details)
A turnkey home build construction does not indicate that the house owner won’t have a say in the design or look of your new residence. The client will still have all the benefits of making a brand new home, from selecting the perfect floor for your home to finishing the interior designs to meet their design aesthetic. ​

Add on: Customisation

When Building a new house, you have the freedom and flexibility to create something unique.

When buying an existing home, you often have to make many compromises to get something close to what you want that is within your price range and in an ideal location. Maybe there aren’t enough bathrooms, a frustrating lack of electrical sockets, or the building layout is driving you around the bend.

You can bring what you want and need to live with a new build. Break away from the generic and mainstream designs prominent in commercially produced homes today.

You can have fun here. Consider creating a Pinterest board and hunt for innovative designs or anything that catches your fancy. Keep an eye open when you’re out and about, and research what is reasonable for your area and budget.

For many, seeing your dream home come to life is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have. And sharing your vision with Kibitec will help you to bring your dream project to life.

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Kibitec | Turnkey Home Build Construction in Malta

Kibitec wants to make your building experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. That’s why Kibitec Turnkey Home Build Construction in Malta offers a genuine turnkey home build where we support you from start to finish.


If you’re ready to build your dream home, contact us today for a seamless building experience.

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