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Pumped Screed

Liquid screed offer a hassle free, cost-effective alternative to traditional mixed screed products.

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Advantages of pumped screeds

  • We get screeds into hard to reach areas, such as apartments, garages etc.
  • Can be administered more quickly than traditional mixes
  • Requires less labour
  • Offers thinner (25mm minimum) and more conductive making it perfect for underfloor heating
  • Delivery, mixing, and pumping of screed from a single vehicle reducing hassle and cost
  • It is designed to offer a smooth flat and level surface

“Pumped screed is something we are being asked for increasingly this year,” said Kamil Skaski, Managing Director for Kibitec. “It comes with certain advantages over the traditional way of mixing sand and cement screed, particularly with the growing popularity of microcement and underfloor heating. If people want the option for screed, we can deliver any amount from 20m3 to 1000m3. Both liquid screed and our traditional screed mixes can be administered through our all-in-one pumping machines; this dramatically reduces the hassle associated with this type of work and hard to reach places”



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