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Case Study Microcement Bathroom Marsaskala

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Our Project: Microcement Bathroom

In the coastal town of Marsaskala, Malta, KIBITEC took on the challenge of transforming a bathroom into a sanctuary of modern luxury.

The client approached us looking to create a microcement effect combined with tiles to elevate the aesthetics of their bathroom. This project allowed us to show the perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, redefining the possibilities of microcement in bathroom design.

Microcement Bathroom | Final Look

Fusion of Microcement and Tiles:

Known for its versatility and modern appeal, microcement integrates seamlessly with tile to produce a stunning aesthetic that goes beyond conventional, creating a unique and sophisticated bathroom space. The combination adds texture, depth and visual interest, giving the bathroom a luxurious and personalized feel.

At the execution stage, our Kibitec team meticulously applied microcement to create a contemporary and seamless background. The selected tiles were strategically placed to complement the microcement, resulting in a bathroom that exudes sophistication and style.

Microcement Application:

Microcement has become a turning point in the world of interior design and this project exemplifies its transformative potential. Beyond its traditional applications, the combination with tiles allows for greater creative expression, opening new avenues to redefine microcement in modern spaces.

At KIBITEC, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. This bathroom project in Marsaskala reflects our commitment to creating spaces that go beyond the ordinary. Explore the possibilities of redefining microcement with us, where each project is a journey to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.


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