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Design-Bid-Build Model




Design-Bid-Build model is the traditional and the popular delivery method of construction projects. This method helps the customer develop a different relationship with the construction team, the design team, and the contractor. The main steps of this method are as follows:- 

1. Design-Bid-Build Model | DESIGNING STAGE

The design stage can be considered the drawing stage; in this stage, the design team, the architect, and the engineer develop a bid set containing the project’s plan. It usually includes drawing relating to the site plan, electric, mechanical, plumbing drawing, along with structural design—the design changes according to consultation with the owner.

2. Design-Bid-Build Model | BIDDING STAGE

A project enters the bidding stage when the customer is satisfied with the bid set provided by the design team and ready to get a quote from the contractor. It is based on the drawings provided by the contractors who offer their quotes. The quotes are critically analyzed for any estimation errors for confirmation; if the customer is satisfied with the quotes, they agree to the contract. If not, the customer can approach other contractors.

3. Design-Bid-Build Model | CONSTRUCTION STAGE

Once the contract is signed, the contractor can begin the process of construction. Because the price obligates bidders in their quotes, most cost overruns are usually absorbed by the contractor. While the contractor is responsible for the pricing, the owner is responsible for any design changes that may affect the price, as stated in their contract with the design team. A change order is usually issued as a result of such design changes.

Thus, as the name suggests, these are the main steps in the design-bid-build method.

Design-Bid-Build Model | ADVANTAGES

1. Easy and straightforward to follow

The procedure is simple enough for homeowners to follow and comprehend. In contrast to design-build delivery, there is less communication between the design team and the general contractor, making design modifications easier to trace.

2. Clear definition of duties

The roles of the design team and the contractors are more autonomous, and the responsibilities of each function are clearly defined, allowing owners to be fully involved in the design process.


3. More reliability 
Instead of sharing an interest in the project with the contractor, the design team acts on behalf of the owner. As a result, design professionals have an incentive to create a high-quality building and ensure that their design specifications are followed during construction. 

4. More Clarity
In this method, the design team takes a more active part in construction administration, allowing for more clarity in the contractor’s interpretation of the design requirements and better overall accomplishment of the owner’s design goals.

5. Opportunity for Evaluation
Bids and the costs indicated in each quotation are available for evaluation by owners. Because the design documentation is well developed by the time the contractors are bidding on the project, their estimates can be more accurate.  

Design-Bid-Build Model | Disadvantages

1.Less Flexible 
Cost-based design adjustments are less flexible due to the method’s linear character.

2. Lengthy Redesign Process

Architects and engineers miss out on valuable cost information from the general contractor. If all of the bids come in over budget, the design team will have to go back to the drawing board to seek value engineering possibilities. Only then can bids be re-solicited. The project’s commencement date has been pushed back due to the extensive redesign process.

3. Restrict subcontractors

The design-bid-build strategy also excludes specialized subcontractors from participating in the design process. This lack of specific expertise could result in higher prices or even design team blunders.

4. Interdependence of every step

Because all phases of a project are completed in order under the design-bid-build method, a delay in one step can have a domino impact on the entire project.

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