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lightweight screed with expanded clay

Lightweight screed with expanded clay

The screed is used as the main structural layer for any floor. Its primary purpose is to give a smooth and level foundation to lay your chosen floor finish (microcement, tiles, etc.).


lightweight screed with expanded clay

Lightweight screed with expanded clay: advantages and disadvantages

The most significant advantage of a lightweight screen with expanded clay is its weight. The traditional screed with concrete has an impressive weight, which in some cases makes its use almost impossible. In this situation, that this type of screed comes to the rescue;


The main advantages of the lightweight screed with expanded clay involve: 

  1. More noise/thermal insulation.
  2. Greater strength. Clays screeds effortlessly resist a load of 400 kg per square meter.
  3. Clay is not subjected to corrosion and breathes well
  4. Ecological. The material is natural, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t contain toxic substances.
lightweight screed with expanded clay malta

Scope of screed with expanded clay

A clay-concrete screed is used for thermal insulation, structural weight problems, and floor leveling difficulties.

In addition, you can easily hide communications (for example, a warm floor). Expanded clay is also needed to align the base (the floor has differences in the relief height of 10-12 or more cm).

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