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FAQs on Microcement

18 FAQs on microcement

Here are the 18 FAQs on microcement. Even though Microcement is the best option for all kinds of work, you have some questions in your mind; the following questions will help clear every doubts in your mind.


1. Is Microcement waterproof?

Yes, microcement is waterproof; due to the use of a special polymer, microcement is water-resistant. And the final varnish by polyurethane also gives extra protection against moisture and dirt.

2. How much is the thickness of the Microcement?

Usually, microcement coating includes a primer, followed by two coats of microcement and finishing varnish. The whole layer will be about 3mm only.

3. Does Microcement shows anti-slip property?

Yes, microcement exhibits anti-slip properties and is not slippery. 

4. What is the average life of a Microcement floor?

Microcement is highly durable, and it does not need to be replaced, but a top new layer of varnish is recommended if the place has high traffic.

5. Is it possible to use Microcement on pieces of furniture?

Yes, microcement can be used in furniture as well; it can also be used in kitchen cabinets, tables, and even doors. You can match your furniture with walls and floors, and the cleaning process will also be easy.

6. What is the difference between Microcement floor and polished concrete floor?
Both microcement and polished concrete are made using entirely different technology; polished concrete has undergone grinding, impregnation, polishing, etc., whereas microcement is just a mixture of cement and resins. There is a chance of moisture penetration in polished concrete floors, whereas the microcement floor is moisture resistant, so there is no need to worry about molds and stains. Microcement also retains heat, which is not possible with polished concrete floors. There is also a possibility in polish concrete floors; the result may vary from the standard designs, whereas in the microcement, the customers can change the color, tone, and design and finish whenever required.
7. Can Microcement be used in showers and bathtubs?
Yes, microcement can be used in showers, bathtubs, and it will be a great option since microcement is durable and since there are no joints, the surface will be smooth without any dirt or soap deposits.
8. Can Microcement be used outdoors?
Yes, it’s applicable for both indoors and outdoors as it is resistant to moisture and changes in temperature.
9. Is it possible to apply Microcement over tiles and epoxy resin floors?
Yes, it is always possible to apply microcement on top of our existing flooring.
10. Is Microcement an option for pools?
Yes, since microcement is water and UV-resistant, it is a perfect option for finishing and renovating swimming pools.
11. How Microcement can be cleaned?
Microcement can be easily cleaned with the help of normal water and a detergent with a ph of 6. The cleaning is effortless as it does not have any joints.
12. Is it possible to apply Microcement over underfloor heating?
Yes, it is possible to for microcement application over underfloor heating.
13. What is the thermal conductivity of Microcement?
Since the layer of microcement is very thin, the microcement itself conducts heat.
14. Is Microcement flexible?
Yes, due to the mix of polymers, the microcement is flexible and will not crack with a temperature change.
15. How long does it takes to install Microcement?
The duration of the microcement application procedure relies on the amount of area to be covered. Usually, it takes from two to five days.
16. What all are the optics Microcement sealer has?
Microcement offers matt, satin, and glossy finishes.
17. Can I use Microcement as a fireplace coating?
Yes, since microcement is temperature resistant, it can be also used as fireplace coating.
18. Can Microcement be used for stairs?
Yes, microcement can be used in stairs as well.
FAQs on microcement

Thus, when thinking about Microcement, these are the important questions that immediately come to mind. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us; we are always happy to assist you.

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