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What is a liquid membrane used for?

how do you make the best pool

What is a liquid membrane used for? Is it good?

The concept of liquid waterproofing had existed since the early 1800s when natural bitumen was combined with jute, straw, rag felt, and other artificial materials to provide a waterproofing solution. There are other different kinds of waterproofing systems, which can be categorized as follows

  1. Conducted Membranes like TarFelt, Plastic Felt, APP Membrane, PVC, etc.
  2. Essential Waterproofing Compound like ShaliPlast LW, LW+
  3. Liquid Membrane (LAM) like Acrylics, Polyurethanes, Bituminous emulsion, etc.


The waterproofing membrane is being utilized for years and keeps joints, can not be utilized in complicated geometrical designs, needs specialized applicators, and is not a fully connected system. Restorations are costly.

As the name implies, a Liquid waterproofing membrane reaches a liquid state, and behind the application, it dries to create a seamless, soft, and persistent barrier to water. Technologically it’s an evolved method with assured performance. Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane Systems protect coatings of either one or two components, typically Acrylic, Polyurethane, a Bituminous base, or a hybrid combination.

liquid membrane

Liquid membrane can be used for new projects or refurbishments.

Liquid Membrane Systems can be utilized in all areas of roofing, growers, open areas, landscapes, pedestrian zones, car parks, and structural waterproofing. LAM’s are select outcomes for fluted roofing sheets, mainly in projects where heating is not permitted, like Refineries, etc.

Waterproofing with liquid membranes is acquiring popularity and have multiple advantages over traditionally operated preformed membrane methods:–

  • Ease of application / User friendly
  • It is a fully bonded system, thus ensuring greater security against infiltration or damages to liquid membrane
  • The monolithic system, i.e., without joints.
  • They can be installed easily on any contoured exterior.
  • Effortlessly Correctable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Indicates good waterproofing and elasticity
  • Climate / Ageing


Established cold and hence does not need heating. Very easy to apply by brush/roller. Semi-skilled experts can do an outstanding job. Moisture fixed polyurethane liquid membranes can be utilized in wet roofs like ShaliUrethane BTD. These creations help carry out tasks with minimum disturbances throughout the year. The relief and speed of Facilities significantly reduce the cost of waterproofing, thus making it cost-effective.


liquid membrane

Liquid membrane is a fully bonded system.

Liquid Applied Liquid s applied in liquid form, it connects with the surface, and then the curing occurs. The cured membrane almost becomes an essential part of the system. 

The benefit it gives is that if the membrane gets damaged at a minor point, it will not impact the remains of the design, whereas, in a preformed membrane method, water can travel via the damaged part and influence other aspects of the design.

The method is Monolithic and can be used in one component (unlike traditional membranes moved out in sheets) to different roof forms, which means no risk of water entering between the seams and is very effortless to involve, particularly when confronted with considerable obstacles.

liquid membrane

Liquid membrane is repairable, and a quick patch job can be done quickly.

Consistent with most substrates, it is also available to re-coat old layers or be laid on shattered membrane systems. These techniques can be applied at small cover preparation fees. On the opposite, damaged preformed membranes require complete removal, cleaning the substrate, and completing the new building.

There are Water-based outcomes in the range of LAM, some of which are GREEN. These creations are made out of Cleaner technology & are non-toxic.
The surface of the membranes can have diverse aesthetic finishes to suit the ambience.

liquid membrane

Liquid Applied Membrane has superior bonding with the substrate and is a fully connected way.

It functions as a wall coat against moisture ingress. LAM has comprehensive coverage of 100% to over 500%, causing it to be long-lasting and supporting its adaptation to structural movements. ShaliUrethane LM and LHM have relatively higher extensions.

Two-Components Cementitious elastomeric membrane: ShaliCem EWP can be fortified with glass fibres and is utilized for waterproofing Roof, underwater, water tanks, swimming pools, bases, containing fences, etc.

-Liquid Applied TarFelt Material: This type of product are also very versatile because they allow you to repair old Tarfelt waterproofing solutions without dismantling the existing system, can be used on asbestos roofing, metal sheets, concrete, and wood. This can be further covered with liquid applied waterproof paint single part UV Resistant Elastomeric coating.

It accomplishes no break on ageing, unlike many preformed membranes if covered. Some of the LAM’s are UV resistant and can be disclosed to ambient climate necessities, and it controls Algae and Fungal development. The temperature rise is relatively vast for these outcomes.

how do you make the best pool?

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