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Is Screed necessary?

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Is Screed necessary? Placing a carpet underlay or laminate flooring directly over concrete might make your floor look less than ideal because concrete surfaces can be chilly, uneven, and rough. It would help if you lay a high-quality concrete screed to guarantee a smooth and even finish ready for your final flooring. 

Despite being produced similarly to concrete, Screed is not the same as concrete. It pours more readily and has a much thinner consistency. Is Screed necessary? Let’s find out.

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Is Screed necessary?: Concrete and Screed

The main distinction between it and concrete is that Screed is not a structural concrete product. There are variations in how it is prepared as a result. The Screed uses significantly finer aggregates for a smoother finish and a quick and even pour. The consistency of the mix is likewise much “runnier.” On the other hand, concrete is structural, and the precise proportion and kind of components used will depend on the intended application. In general, coarse and harsh aggregates are needed for concrete. For instance, while concrete requires gravel and sharp sand to give it a harsher, stronger, and more robust quality, Screed may use fine sand.

Concrete can also be strengthened and made to last longer by adding fibres and steel rebar. Because Screed is not as robust or long-lasting as concrete, it should never be used for the actual building and only as an interior floor covering to finish the area. However, because it is a thermal insulator and will effectively conduct heat, we can use it to cover underfloor heating systems.

The final coating should be Screed and put in a thin layer over the concrete. Contact a qualified concrete provider, like KIBITEC, and we’ll advise you on the appropriate product for your floor so you can receive the screed mix that best suits your needs.
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Is Screed necessary?: what are the different types of Screed?

Underfloor Screed

This type of Screed is widely used and can be poured over thermal flooring systems to secure the system and transfer heat to the final flooring.

Floating Screed (Unbonded Screed)

An insulation layer is covered with a floating screed. Typically, it is not poured directly onto the concrete sub-base underneath but somewhat over a damp-proof membrane.

Bonded Screed

The Screed is often put on top of structural concrete and treated with a potent adhesive, forming a direct link between the Screed and the concrete sub-base.

Laying a Floor Screed

On top of a damp-proof membrane or bonding agent or straight into a sub-foundation holding heating, plumbing, or electrical components, concrete Screed can be poured. As the consistency is highly fluid and light, it covers a floor and fills the formwork in a rapid and easy process. For even greater convenience, choose a self-levelling screed for significant areas. To level the surface swiftly, you can use a wooden float in smaller areas.

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Is Screed necessary?: Screed Curing/Drying Times

Like concrete, you must give the screed time to dry or cure before walking on it or installing other flooring or underlayment on top of it. Screed is significantly thinner than concrete; thus, it cures more quickly. Depending on the circumstances and the thickness of the Screed, this might take 16 to 48 hours. You should wait as long as possible to ensure the final strength of the screeded area if it sees a lot of foot activity. If not, the impact can compromise the final floor’s durability and integrity.

Always talk about the curing times with your concrete provider to ensure you allow enough time. KIBITEC would be delighted to advise on how little time is necessary to let your floor cure achieve the highest quality and most durable results.

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Is Screed necessary?: Screed as Flooring

Screed is becoming popular as the final flooring finish in contemporary interior design, especially in business settings or opulent homes with an industrial aesthetic. If so, you can paint or polish your Screed to give it a decorative touch. You can even stamp it with a design as it cures to give it a textured look. When wooden planks are laid out on a floor and allowed to dry, the pattern from the wood is transferred to the Screed.

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Is Screed Necessary? Our answer would be yes, it is. Whether you’re seeking high-strength concrete or flawless floor screed, Contact KIBITEC; we are the leading supplier in all of Malta.

Get in touch today for professional help in Malta, if you also want to know is screed necessary for your project.

Contact KIBITEC for professional building and construction services in Malta.

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