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Is Microcement better than Tiles? Top 6 Pros and Cons

is microcement better than tiles?

Is Microcement better than Tiles? Top 6 Pros and Cons

Both microcement and tiles have a wide range of applications and are widely used in construction projects, both residential and commercial. Both these materials have their prospects, advantages, and benefits. Both offer a wide range of options to choose from, color ranges, durability, beauty, and elegance. But when we go deep, we will find that microcement is a much better option than tiles for residential and commercial projects.

In the following passages, we will discuss and compare different aspects of microcements and tiles in terms of durability and longevity, cost and affordability, maintenance, beauty and elegance, and other factors. In each section, we will discuss aspects of both microcement and tiles and conclude that microcement is a much better option than tiles. 

is microcement better than tiles?

Is microcement better than tiles: Durability and Longevity

Being extremely tough, hard surfaces, both microcement, and tile are durable and resist a lot of wear and tear.

Tiles are more susceptible to cracking under intense pressure, like a refrigerator, for example. Tiles are also vulnerable to wear and tear and do not as long as microcement does. 

Microcement is a waterproof material, and it has no joints; and therefore its surface is smooth. On the other hand, tiles have multiple joints and lack a smooth surface. Initially, tile floors are also waterproof, but with time, water tends to permeate into joints of tiles and damages the floor. Therefore microcement beats tiles in durability and longevity.

microcement stairs malta, is microcement better than tiles

Is microcement better than tiles: Cost and Affordability

Depending on your circumstances, prices can vary quite a lot when it comes to tiles, there are many types of tiles available in the market, and their prices vary due to designs, quality, and structure. Cost to microcement does not vary as much as tiles costs do, so that the cost can become one of the most significant differences between the two types. Microcement is much cheaper and affordable than tiles. 

We should also keep in mind the installation charges of both microcement and tiles. The installation cost of microcement is much less than that of tiles. Tiles require extreme care and expertise during the installation process; therefore, tiles might have higher installation costs than microcement. 

Is microcement better than tiles: Maintenance

Microcement is easy to maintain and clean. Tiles also are not too hard to maintain and clean, but with time, tiles tend to faint in color due to excessive cleaning and use of cleaning materials. So you would ask yourself, is microcement better than tiles? Well, another problem with tiles is that dust and other particles tend to stick between the joints of tiles, and with time, it becomes almost impossible to clean them properly. On the other hand, you can use practically any type of mild cleaner to mop down microcement floors, plus a bit of hard-floor vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting here and there.

So, in terms of maintenance, microcement is much better than tiles, it is easy to maintain and clean, and its maintenance costs are much less than those of tiles. These are the reasons, as we mentioned earlier, that microcement lasts much longer than tiles.

Is microcement better than tiles: Beauty and Elegance

Both tiles and microcement offer beauty and elegance, but microcement offers more attractiveness and customization. In terms of color, finishing, and look, microcement is wholly based on the property owner’s preferences. Tiles also offer color range and different options, but tiles lack the customization and attractive options available in microcement. 

microcement floor

Is microcement better than tiles: Other Factors

Microcement provides flooring with reduced thickness, which tends to oscillate between 2 and 3 mm, making it very light. On the other hand, tiles are heavy and occupy more space and have a bulky look. 

Microcement allows architects, interior designers, builders, property managers, and homeowners to create a concrete aesthetic that would not usually be possible with tiles and other materials. The strong polymer bonding power in microcement mixes allows the finish to be applied to almost any existing surfaces.


Is microcement better than tiles: Conclusion

All of these aspects are making microcement perfect for both commercial and residential use. The decorative solutions of microcement are infinite. That is why its uses are so varied. From microcement stairs or microcement swimming pools to furniture clad with microcement. Although the use par excellence of microcement is in floors and walls of kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces such as terraces. Due to its attractiveness, wide range of applications, customization, costs, options, and benefits, microcement is a much better option than tiles, and people often opt for it.

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